Who are ya to Misuzu?!
— Haruko Kamio
Haruko Kamio

Haruko Kamio, as seen in the Air visual novel

Kanji 神尾 晴子
Rōmaji Kamio Haruko
Voice Actor Flag of Japan (jp) Aya Hisakawa
English language (en) Luci Christian
Flag of South Korea (ko) Sin Jeong Han
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday November 3
Height 168 cm
Weight 48 kg
Relatives Misuzu Kamio (foster daughter/Niece)

Haruko Kamio is Misuzu's aunt and also her foster mother and a supporting character in Air.


Haruko is Misuzu's eccentric foster mother. She is actually her aunt, but Misuzu was given to her by Misuzu's father after her mother left. Because of this, she doesn't want to get close to Misuzu in case Misuzu is taken away from her. Also, she prevents Misuzu having outbursts when she gets close to someone.  She possibly suffers from alcoholism.

Personality and Appearance

Haruko is a drunken, noisy, outgoing character who often insults or pressures Yukito and is easily annoyed. However, towards the end of the series, she shows a gentle, caring, kind side. She has long red hair that falls to her waist and blue eyes.


Haruko's occupation is unknown, as when Yukito asked Misuzu replied "it's a secret". Haruko wears a suit-like outfit and ties her hair up when going to work, suggesting she works in an office. She rides a motorcycle to get to work.


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