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Hijiri Kirishima

Hijiri Kirishima, as seen in the Air visual novel
Hijiri Kirishima, as seen in the Air visual novel

Kanji 霧島 聖
Rōmaji Kirishima Hijiri
Voice Actor Flag of Japan.svg (jp) Yumi Toma
English language.svg (en) Christine Auten
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday January 3
Height 172 cm
Weight 50 kg
Relatives Kano Kirishima (sister)

Hijiri Kirishima (霧島 聖, Kirishima Hijiri?) is a character in Air.


Hijiri Kirishima is Kano Kirishima's older sister. She is a doctor. She became a doctor like her parents because she thought that she could cure Kano's illness. She first saw Yukito doing puppet shows in front of her clinic and let him do puppet shows in front of her clinic as long as he works in her clinic.

Personality and Appearance[]

Hijiri has blue hair that falls to her waist and blue eyes. She is hardworking, strict and likes to make things hard for Yukito. 

Support to Kano's illness[]

After Yukito and Misuzu saw Kano act strange and followed her all the way to the temple and accompanied her home, Hijiri told them about Kano's illness. One day when Kano was little, she was overtaken by the illness and was playing with a knife. Hijiri came in at the right time and stopped Kano from injuring herself. She then tied a yellow bandana to Kano's wrist, telling her that if she never took it off, she would have magic powers. However, the real reason she tied it to Kano's wrist was because she hoped that if Kano dazed off like that again, she would see the bandana and snap out of it.

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