What's the meaning of this?!
— Keisuke Tachibana
Keisuke Tachibana

Keisuke Tachibana, as seen in the visual novel

Kanji たちばな けいすけ
Rōmaji Tachibana Keisuke
Voice Actor Flag of Japan (jp) Kenjirou Tsuda
English language (en) John Gremillion
Flag of South Korea (ko) Seung Jun Kim
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Relatives Misuzu Kamio (daughter)

Keisuke is the biological father of Misuzu Kamio. After several years, he came back to get Misuzu back from her aunt who raised her. He can speak in both Kansai Dialect and the Standard Dialect of Japanese.


Keisuke is the father of Misuzu Kamio. After his wife passed away, he left Misuzu to Haruko Kamio to raise her, even though Haruko didn't want her. After several years, he came back to get Misuzu, but by then Haruko had grown close to Misuzu, and didn't want to give her up, at the time Misuzu was suffering memory loss and was calling Haruko "aunty" instead of "Mother", which didn't help the case. Keisuke gave Haruko and Misuzu three days, and if Misuzu didn't remember who Haruko was, he would take Misuzu back. Three days passed, and Misuzu was still calling Haruko "aunty". When Keisuke went to get her, Misuzu made a fuss and ran back to Haruko, calling out "Mama!". After seeing how close Misuzu had grown to Haruko, he let her stay.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Keisuke is not the best person even though he acts very nice and polite on screen. This can make it easy to ignore his actions. When his wife left he didn't want to keep his daughter because she wasn't normal so he gave her to his wife's sister- Haruko Kamio. After a few years he changes his mind and trys to take her despite the fact her aunt has legally adopted her taking advantage of the memory loss Misuzu was going through at the time. But when she does get her memories back and rejects him he accepts it gracefully. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He normally wears a suit and tie.


  • He has the same last name as Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!, also made by Key
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