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Visual Novel[]

  • "It really is painful to be forgotten by someone you love, don't you think?"
  • "I wasn't here to see Minagi like this."
  • "Minagi has to wake up from her dream."
  • "I'm going home now."
  • "I know. Because I'm always by your side."
  • "If you feel lonely, you have to say it... Otherwise, I will feel sad, too."
  • "I'm a fragment of her sad dream."
  • "Humans can't live without memories."
  • "A dream that one never wakes up from, no matter how happy it is, will definitely turn into sadness one day."
  • "I'm Michiru. That's all you need to know."
  • "I want my own memories. Happy memories that only belong to me."
  • "Memories will never disappear."
  • "I wanted to gaze at the stars with you again."
  • "You gave me lots of precious things, Minagi. You showed me your smiles. I love you when you smile. Whenever I see you smile, my heart feels warm."
  • "Wouldn't it be nice if this world became filled with smiles?"