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Visual Novel[]

  • "Everyone has a place they want to reach."
  • "The moment my sister disappeared from this world, I lost my place."
  • "My wings... have forgotten how to take flight."
  • "Do wings that can't fly serve any purpose?"
  • "The more people there are to eat a meal together, the more delicious it is."
  • "Michiru would be my sister. Would this girl be my friend?"
  • "I had a dream last night. A dream of when I was a child. A dream of my father and I looking up at the stars together."
  • "May the brilliance of the stars cleanse our souls."
  • "That girl didn't even have the chance to be born, much less cry."
  • "Even if I reached out for the smiles that were right beside me, I wasn't able to touch anything."
  • "I want a sister to play house and blow bubbles with me."
  • "I wanted to be with you two forever. I wanted to feel the same wind as you. Others might laugh at me, saying that I'm only dreaming. They might tell me off, saying that dreams are only fantasies, but... I don't mind."
  • "Thanks to you, I could be myself."
  • "I was able to smile because you were there for me."