Air Anime Episode 8
Natsu ~summer~
Kanji なつ~summer~
Rōmaji Natsu ~summer~
Release Date February 24, 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Fumihiko Shimo
Storyboard Yutaka Yamamoto
Episode Director Yutaka Yamamoto
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Natsu ~summer~ (なつ~summer~) is the eighth episode of the 2005 anime series Air.


This story takes place 1000 years prior to the rest of the story. Kanna is a girl with wings confined to a palace with a friend, Uraha, and body guard, Ryūya. When Kanna is to be sent to another temple, the three escape and go on a journey to find Kanna's mother. Meanwhile, the palace is attacked and the three are pursued. They finally find Kanna's mother but she tells them to leave.




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