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Air Anime Episode 11
Umi ~sea~
Kanji うみ~sea~
Rōmaji Umi ~sea~
Release Date March 17, 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Fumihiko Shimo
Storyboard Ichirō Miyoshi
Episode Director Ichirō Miyoshi
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Umi ~sea~ (うみ~sea~) is the eleventh episode of the 2005 anime series Air.


Misuzu's curse is getting more serious. Soon, she has forgotten who Haruko is and begins to act strangely, playing cards by herself and not wanting to go outdoors. Haruko is depressed, but tries hard to restore the memories Misuzu lost. Soon, however, Misuzu's birth father shows up, and tries to claim Misuzu back from Haruko, deciding to let Misuzu decide who she wants to live with. Haruko, desperate because of Misuzu's memory loss, begs him to let her have Misuzu for three more days, to which he agrees.