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Yao Bikuni

Kanna's mother, Yao Bikuni, as seen in the Air visual novel

Kanji 八百比丘尼
Rōmaji Yao Bikuni
Voice Actor Flag of Japan.svg (jp) Kubota Min-e
English language.svg (en) Robin Terry
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 800/Unknown
Relatives Kannabi-no-Mikoto (daughter)

Yao Bikuni is a character featured in both the visual novel and anime adaptation of Air.


Yao Bikuni has long, blue hair and gold colored eyes. She wears a plain kimono.


Not much is known about Yao Bikuni, except that she was imprisoned deep in the mountains and had a winged child, named Kanna. She also was given the curse of the Winged Ones, which was passed down to Kanna when she touched her, despite her warnings not to. Furthermore, Ryuya also became cursed because he touched her body when pulling out an arrow.


  • Yao Bikuni is based on a character from Japanese folklore. In the story, a fisherman from Wakasa brought home a fish with what appeared to be a human face. He warned the other villagers not to eat the fish, though one day the man's daughter convinced him to give her the fish as a gift. While she didn't experience any side effects at first when she ate the fish, the girl eventually stopped aging when she married. After several marriages the young woman decided to become a nun and traveled across Japan. She then returned to Wakasa where she ended her life at the age of 800 years old.